Isocrates Horae us Arsnouphis
Eig: Karin van Eijck

The end of an era?
♡18-11-2009 ☆25-05-2020

my “smurfje”, my clown, my water crazy fool.
Always happy, always with me and always with tennis ball.

All the laughs, adventures, fun and memories will forever be in my heart.
Thank you for everything my special, one in a million boy?.
Bowdynn and I miss you so much?
I will never ever forget you?

“Those we love don’t go away,
they walk beside us every day….??
unseen, unheard, but always near
in our hearts very dear”

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Geboortedatum: 18 november 2009
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Oogonderzoek: 29-05-2017 Definitief vrij

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